ELiS trapeziometacarpal implant

Dual mobility prosthesis

The Elis prosthesis is designed for the surgical prosthetic treatment of rhizarthrosis. It has a hemispherical truncated conical cup implanted in the trapezium, modular neck and an anatomical metacarpal stem. It offers a complete range of implants with a choice between single and dual mobility.

It is the only prosthesis on the market that has a trapezium rescue and a cemented cup with simple mobility.

What are the advantages of the ELIS prosthesis?

The ELiS prosthesis offers many advantages, among them:

  • Simple and perfect implant fixation with minimal bone resection.
  • Wide range of stem and cup sizes to cover the full range of sizes required for both primoimplantation and revision.
  • Articular and anchorage surfaces treated to minimize abrasion and ensure very good integration of the components into the bone tissue.
  • Complete catalog of available surgical instruments.
  • Simple and easy to follow surgical technique.
  • Design based on experience, modern knowledge and current experience with similar types of replacements.
  • Allows replacement of the trapezoid if necessary.
  • Optimization of the dimensions of the articular surfaces of the prosthesis to ensure maximum range of motion with good functional stability.
  • Specialized surface treatment minimizes wear and ensures optimal integration into bone tissue.

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