AxoGuard® Nerve Connector

The AxoGuard® ribbed connector is the only extracellular matrix of the porcine submucosa ("ECM") that assists coaptation for stress-free repair of severed or injured peripheral nerves.

What are the advantages of the AxoGuard Nerve Connector?

axoguard nerve connector

The clinically proven alternative to direct suture repair:

  • Reduced surgical time by up to 40%.
  • Reduces the risk of fascicular mismatch.

Relieves tension in the critical area of regeneration:

  • Reduces tension in the repair area.
  • It moves the suture inflammation away from the surface of the coaptation. 

Revascularization and remodeling

  • It incorporates ECM into the patient's own tissue.
  • It is compatible with the natural process of wound healing.
axoguard nerve connector

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